Welcome to the website of the Kurdish Institute of Istanbul! We want to briefly introduce our institution to you.

The Kurdish Institute of Istanbul has been working on the Kurdish history, language and literature since its foundation in April 18th, 1992. Although it was founded as an association due to legal obstacles, in fact, it is an academic institution working in the field Kurdology.

Despite the difficulties caused by the denial and assimilation Kurdish people are exposed to, the Kurdish Institute of Istanbul has had important works for the protection and improvement of the Kurdish language.
Our institute has published more than 50 different works on the Kurdish language, literature and history. The most important ones, being one of the basic needs of Kurds, are the two oversized and one medium-sized Kurdish-Turkish and Turkish-Kurdish dictionaries, as well as a grammer reference book and a language book series. Also, the journal “Zend” which includes articles on the Kurdish language, literature and history, is published every three months by the institute.

In addition to these, our institute has arranged a number of conferences, seminars, symposiums and panels with the participation of its administrators and members. Furthermore, the institute provides hundreds of  students with Kurdish language education every year.

Anyone who volunteers to work in the field  of Kurdish language, literature and history is welcome to join us.  You can also attend our language courses and send us your articles to be published in the Zend.

Best regards

The Kurdish Institute of Istanbul

The Board of Management